Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138
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Civil Air Patrol’s volunteer members come from all walks of life, races and creeds, representing the wide diversity of our local communities. Some members are veterans, some are pilots; neither backgrounds are required, although they are certainly helpful in our leadership and aerospace training programs. Many backgrounds and skills are necessary to successfully operate our squadron: managers, planners, educators, book-keepers, public relations, to list a few. Your education and experience are valuable to us, but Civil Air Patrol also offers a comprehensive leadership, skills training and mentor program to prepare our members to manage the day-to-day activities and events of CAP.

And our members range in age from 12 years old and up. There is no upper age limit for adult members. All share a common commitment to serve our local youth, and improve our communities, state and nation.

Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138 focuses on the Cadet Program and the majority of our members are cadets. We rely on a small cadre of dedicated adult members to serve as leaders, instructors, mentors, role models, chaperones, drivers, and more.



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