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Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138 has proudly served the communities of East and Southeast Los Angeles County since February 1967. We focus on the Cadet Program and the majority of our members are cadet, with a small cadre of dedicated adult members. We are very proud of our successful training program, serving hundreds of young men and women for the past 56 years. Squadron 138 received the Civil Air Patrol Quality Cadet Unit Award for 2018, the third such award for the unit, and the latest in a long list of awards recognizing our continued success.

Every week, Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138 provides a quality training program that enhances our members’ leadership skills through an interest in aviation. This structured, stimulating and well-balanced training program includes leadership, aerospace education, character development, and physical fitness. Training is conducted with online leadership and aerospace courses, classes during the meeting, and hands-on experience.

An extensive and varied schedule of extracurricular field trips and enrichment activities supplement the weekly training program. These include guest speakers, orientation flights at local airports in small CAP aircraft, tours of local aviation museums, weekend leadership training, week-long encampments and aerospace academies, physical fitness hikes, and fun events as well. Outstanding cadets have traveled throughout California and the United States to attend a variety of Civil Air Patrol special activities, and through the annual International Air Cadet Exchange, even visited Europe and Asia.

Qualified adult leaders supervise the meetings and activities. They serve as planners, counselors, mentors and instructors. Some are former cadets, have military experience, aviation backgrounds or related business experience. All have been background screened, and are involved in CAP's leadership and specialty skills training programs. And all are dedicated to the success of the cadet members under their supervision.

CAP members, both adult and cadet, receive no payment for their service. Both pay annual membership dues to CAP National Headquarters. All local programs and activities are funded by members, local squadron fund-raising drives or donations. The U.S. Air Force supports CAP cadets with a voucher for the basic uniform for new cadets, funds a series of orientation flights for each, and partially funds national-level summer activities. Several scholarships are available for leadership training and flying activities.


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